Sunday, 24 March 2013

How to repair smoked brandy?

I do not drink any alcohol. But my family is in Prahova county mountaineers are used from time to time to more eating (table) a glass of brandy (own production).
Once the land on which they built vacation home, my parents bought some land outside and fruit trees - plum and apple. Annual production of plums is quite high, and they turn excess fruit in brandy.
This year, the employee dip (where my lead fermented plums in brandy to make them) about smoked a Romanian traditional liquor ...
Therefore I thought it best to write a small blog post for those looking to online remedies for brandy smoked.

1. If you choose a raw onion as they keep liquor bottle mouth and stuck it there - instead of cork. Will leave it for a longer period (change if onions will soften and will not stay stuck in your mouth container) - 6 weeks. Chances of success of this operation is approximately 75%.

2. If you have a larger amount of brandy smoked ... Dilute with water at a rate of 1/9, add minced plum seed (from pulp before or cruel) and then distilled again. Chances are 90%.

3. If the amount is less than smoked brandy, one solution recommended to no longer feel the taste of smoked DIN EA is to drink until you feel THAT TASTE ... :))))))))

*** I personally do not recommend drinking alcohol in any form.
Life is more beautiful without alcohol.
Alcohol can make you pass you faster than you could imagine.

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